Philosophical Readings
January 09, 2022


Basis of ornamental style

 Erap-1 and il-23r as leading genetic predictors of the development of ankylosing spondyloarthritis 

Clinical and pathogenetic values of disorders of mineral metabolism in ankylosing spondylitis 

Scientific and methodological bases of studying the concept of patriotism

The Technical Guidelines of a Decision Support System for Presenting Information and Data Using Tables and Graphs

Effect of Work Climate and Job Insecurity  on Turnover Intention among Salespeople in the Retail Sector

Reviewing the Mobile Learning Student Satisfaction Using Acceptance Models

Effect of Educational Program on Nurses’ Performance Regarding safety Infusion of Look-Alike Sound-Alike Medication

Features of domain name disputes adjudication by the North American region arbitration centers 

UDRP dispute resolution procedure through the prism of Russian law 

Preroot Transforms *kap “cover” in Nostartic Languages

Analysis of EFL writing at tertiary level in PALESTINE’S culture: a case study of ARAB AMERICAN university

A study on problems and challenges faced by girl students in higher education  

The threat of Black Fungus Invasion during Post COVID-19 Recovery

“An Empirical Study on analyzing Behavior and preference of the Indian Investors Behavior Towards Investment Avenues During Covid-19”

A study on employee involvement, motivation, strategies, and policies in human resources management with a special reference to Chengalpattu district

Contextualization of the interpretation of Wasatiyyah Islam in the Qur’an 

The effectiveness of administrative decision-making in crises among academic Leaders in Jordanian universities

Governance of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and the Economic System: Paradigm and Pragmatism of Indonesian Constitutional Economics  

The Impact of Capital Structure on the Financial Performance of the Jordanian Industrial Companies Listed on the Amman Stock Exchange for the period 2014-2019. 

The code of Lekë Dukagjini and comparative study with code of Dagestan

Poetical development phases of Albanian poet Din Mehmeti

Improving the Quality of Graduates through the Model of Competency-Based Training Modules: Competency Assessors

The history of the origin and theoretical foundations of the “flipped classroom” teaching methodology

The digital economy as the highest stage development of info-communication technologies 

Teaching a foreign language in the system of distance learning 

Formative assessment is a tool for monitoring educational results of subjects in school 

The Reality of Employing e-Learning Platforms during COVID-19 Pandemic: Amman Vocational Education Teachers’ Perspectives

The usage of modern information and communication technologies in the process of teaching foreign languages to students at non-linguistic faculties of the university