Philosophical Readings
2021, 13-4
May 05, 2021


About The Syntax of Words 3-10

Ethnic Features of the Female Costume of the Samarkand Region 11-15

Training and monitoring analysis of commercial lexemes in English using traditional learning methods 16-21

 Impacts of Multiple Global Thoughts on Islamic Culture and Civilization: Academician Response by Muslim Scholars 22-34

Outline of Women at Service Sectors in Tiruchirappalli District 35-42 

Follow-up students to social networking sites to learn about the daily events in Iraq and the achievements achieved 43-51

Production capability on personal life along with work among service sector women 52-59

Interpretation of Children’s and Adolescent Worldviews in Children’s Literature of the West and East 63-69

Didactic support of the formation of communicative competencies of future physicians in the process of learning a foreign language at a university 

 The communicative approach to German language teaching

Psychological Skills of Flober in Romane “Madame Bovari”

Ethical foundations for the development of a culture of tolerance in youth 

Linguocultural features of units of measurement in the work of Babur

Improvement of educational processes in the eastern Renessans 

Analysis of assessment types in teaching foreign languages

Artistic image and expressiveness in the text

Research on the methodology of sociolinguistic competencies formation of students of linguistic universities 

Factors affecting the culture and national identity of the people 

The role of modern pedagogical technologies in the educational process

Main approaches to use ICT in education

Japan in the seventeenth century: cultural life and literature

Past tense  incomplete verb and  present tense incomplete verb in Persian

Increasing the level of physical skills of students of sports schools on the basis of volleyball

Bahouddin Nakshband’s “avrod” pamphlet

Forms of organization of corporate education in higher educational institutions

History of ancient craftsmanship in Khorezm (As an example of pottery history)

The mechanism of improving the spiritual outlook of students in the learning process through innovative teaching aids 

Diachronic study of Uzbek and English  architectural construction terms

Spirituality, religion, and cultural heritage in the context of globalization 

Comparative analysis of mono-operator pressing suggestions in Uzbek and French

Cognitive foundations of linguistic modeling in the translation of economic terms 

The motivation of student cognition activities

Development and growth of education  

 Employment of technological innovations in teaching the Arabic   language

About the means of speech expressiveness of the Uzbek language: tropes 

From the history of the study of the Saks monuments in the lower Syr Darya and Amu Darya basins 

 Discourse analysis in teaching language at proficiency levels 

 Thе rоlе оf tеасhing spеесh асts in tеасhing prаgmаtiс соmpеtеnсе

 Using a communicative approach to teaching a foreign language in non-linguistic universities 

Methods for increasing the effectiveness of teaching history

 Instructional materials: selection, inspection, and reconsideration

The concept of childhood in the works of Charles dickens

 An integrated approach to learning listening & assessment 

Important Terms and Conditions of Marriage Agreement in Islamic Law

The relationship between philosophy and pedagogy in the general paradigm of anthropological sciences

Development of practical foundations of ecological targeting of upbringing primary education

 The concept of development of the spiritual and cultural sphere and its ethnic essence

 Assessment of the significance of the T-330G (rs2069762) polymorphism of the IL2 gene in the development of atopic dermatitis

 Morphological adaptation of the oriental exotic vocabulary of the monuments of Russian business writing of the XVI – XVIII centuries.

 In the philosophy of Michel de Monten, the qualities of family and child-rearing are compared to the Uzbek language

Crimes committed due to jealousy victimological description 

Interpretation of medieval folk art in the works of Hussein Waz Kashifi 

The important role of females in the public sector and family welfare today 

The positive effects of a gender approach to the efficiency in higher education 

The problem of the portrait in the romance 

Issues of increasing the efficiency of services provided in public catering enterprises in conditions of the digital economy 

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