Philosophical Readings
2021, 13-4
December 05, 2021


About The Syntax of Words 3-10

Ethnic Features of the Female Costume of the Samarkand Region 11-15

Training and monitoring analysis of commercial lexemes in English using traditional learning methods 16-21

 Impacts of Multiple Global Thoughts on Islamic Culture and Civilization: Academician Response by Muslim Scholars 22-34

Outline of Women at Service Sectors in Tiruchirappalli District 35-42 

Follow-up students to social networking sites to learn about the daily events in Iraq and the achievements achieved 43-51

Production capability on personal life along with work among service sector women 52-59

Interpretation of Children’s and Adolescent Worldviews in Children’s Literature of the West and East 63-69

Didactic support of the formation of communicative competencies of future physicians in the process of learning a foreign language at a university 

 The communicative approach to German language teaching

Psychological Skills of Flober in Romane “Madame Bovari”

Ethical foundations for the development of a culture of tolerance in youth 

Linguocultural features of units of measurement in the work of Babur

Improvement of educational processes in the eastern Renessans 

Analysis of assessment types in teaching foreign languages

Artistic image and expressiveness in the text

Research on the methodology of sociolinguistic competencies formation of students of linguistic universities 

Factors affecting the culture and national identity of the people 

The role of modern pedagogical technologies in the educational process

Main approaches to use ICT in education

Japan in the seventeenth century: cultural life and literature

Past tense  incomplete verb and  present tense incomplete verb in Persian

Increasing the level of physical skills of students of sports schools on the basis of volleyball

Bahouddin Nakshband’s “avrod” pamphlet

Forms of organization of corporate education in higher educational institutions

History of ancient craftsmanship in Khorezm (As an example of pottery history)

The mechanism of improving the spiritual outlook of students in the learning process through innovative teaching aids 

Diachronic study of Uzbek and English  architectural construction terms

Spirituality, religion, and cultural heritage in the context of globalization 

Comparative analysis of mono-operator pressing suggestions in Uzbek and French

Cognitive foundations of linguistic modeling in the translation of economic terms 

The motivation of student cognition activities

Development and growth of education  

 Employment of technological innovations in teaching the Arabic   language

About the means of speech expressiveness of the Uzbek language: tropes 

From the history of the study of the Saks monuments in the lower Syr Darya and Amu Darya basins 

 Discourse analysis in teaching language at proficiency levels 

 Thе rоlе оf tеасhing spеесh асts in tеасhing prаgmаtiс соmpеtеnсе

 Using a communicative approach to teaching a foreign language in non-linguistic universities 

Methods for increasing the effectiveness of teaching history

 Instructional materials: selection, inspection, and reconsideration

The concept of childhood in the works of Charles dickens

 An integrated approach to learning listening & assessment 

Important Terms and Conditions of Marriage Agreement in Islamic Law

The relationship between philosophy and pedagogy in the general paradigm of anthropological sciences

Development of practical foundations of ecological targeting of upbringing primary education

 The concept of development of the spiritual and cultural sphere and its ethnic essence

 Assessment of the significance of the T-330G (rs2069762) polymorphism of the IL2 gene in the development of atopic dermatitis

 Morphological adaptation of the oriental exotic vocabulary of the monuments of Russian business writing of the XVI – XVIII centuries.

 In the philosophy of Michel de Monten, the qualities of family and child-rearing are compared to the Uzbek language

Crimes committed due to jealousy victimological description 

Interpretation of medieval folk art in the works of Hussein Waz Kashifi 

The important role of females in the public sector and family welfare today 

The positive effects of a gender approach to the efficiency in higher education 

The problem of the portrait in the romance 

Issues of increasing the efficiency of services provided in public catering enterprises in conditions of the digital economy 

Pedagogical mechanisms of formation the culture of reader in 5-7th grade pupils 

Obtaining lightweight bounding drilling fluids applied in wells # 202 at the “alan” deposit using industrial waste 

Change of the format of Russian-speaking media of Uzbekistan

Polyorgan insufficiency during obturation of gallery in the experiment

Skills of discovering students’ psychological character in the world and Uzbek literature.

Discourse and its expression of sociographic principles

The Applying of Materials Flow Cost Accounting in light of Green Product Innovation

Level of Compliance and Value Relevance in the Mandatory Adoption of IFRS by Iraqi listed Banks

The costing is based on the four-stage activity (4 ABC)

Parphrases and its derivational properties

Maintenance of macroeconomic stability in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic is an important condition resulting from the economic crisis

Model of optimal planning of the assortment and focused on the tourism industry

Analysis of financial, economic, and digital activities as a creative element of an effective system of financial management

Theoretical fundamentals of improving the structure of the regional economy in the context of digitality 

Theoretical and legal analysis of the legislation in the field of migration in Uzbekistan

The role of fuzzy logic in improving the outputs of (PF-ABC) to evaluate the performance of the economic unit 

The inverse problem for the system of equations of poroelasticity: the case of an unknown coefficient with a younger term, depending on time

Evaluation of the effectiveness of football goalkeepers’ performance

The effect of using different training methods on developing the knowledge structure and skill performance of some basic football skills for beginners

Linguistic Substandard in English and Uzbek languages: Lingoculturological, Lingvopragmatic, sociolinguistic and communicative-pragmatic aspects

A comparative analysis of assimilations and barbarisms in the English and Uzbek Substandard 

Syntactic means for expressiveness in English and Uzbek languages

Drama as a pedagogical factor encouraging learners’ sociolinguistic thinking

Сomparative analysis of verbal and nonverbal means representing the genres of speech etiquette in English and Uzbek languages 

Pension reforms and opportunities to use foreign best practices 

Artistic design education in Uzbekistan: origins, features, problems. 

Contractual liability for the act of others in the finance lease contract

Evaluating the arbitration performance and field intelligence of basketball referees in Iraq 

Design and standardizing some the compound skills tests For futsal players for ages (12-16) years 

Obtaining silicate brick based on natural mineral raw materials of Karakalpakstan 

Dialogue Implication Rules In the interpretation of Al-Mizan by Sayyid Tabataba’i

Special exercises according to the harmonic abilities to develop the speed of performance of two offensive skills (passing and rolling) in football for preparatory school students aged 15-16 years. 

The special role of teaching patients in asthma schools by nurses in the prevention of bronchial asthma

Forensic linguistics analysis of likelihood of confusion in trademarks: case of Starbucks coffee and Sun bucks coffee 

Sports marketing in terms of the administrative performance of the administrative bodies of Iraq clubs in swimming from the point of view of the administrative bodies 

5 – Criterial-level approach to the effectiveness of professional-pedagogical self-realization of the teacher in the postgraduate education system by means of information and communication technologies

Language picture of the world in the concept of motherland

Teacher skills and ways to improve them 

The role of youth centers and organizations in northern Jordan in developing the values of citizenship among its members 

The shape systems in the ancient Iraqi pottery panels

The effect of a counseling program to develop learning motives for some soccer skills for students

The importance of improving writing competence in teaching English to students in higher education 

The Effect of Organizational on Human Resources of Comprehensive Emergency Obsteric Meonatal Care (CEmONC) Team in Indonesia

Comparison of the Economically Effectiveness PCR Massive Swab Test and Contact Tracing Swab Test 

Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) : Risk Factors, Disadvantages, Diagnosis and Treatments

The Effectiveness of Education about Medical Waste Disposal on the Knowledge and Attitude of Nurses 

The client perception and satisfaction about the quality of antenatal care in community health centers in Surakarta 

MARS-PCC: Patient-Centered Care Model to Improve the Outcomes of Post Cesarean Section Patients 

Cost Volume Profit of Primary Healthcare in The National Health Coverage Era

The Application of Activity Based Costing Model to Calculates The Unit Cost Services In a Hospital 

A Safer Healthcare Protocol during Covid-19 Pandemic Using a low-cost real-time patient’s health monitoring system ‘CovWatch.’ 

The Readiness of Midwives to Implement Home-Based Intervention for HIV Prevention in Pregnant Women 

The Effectiveness of the Strategic Plan in Improving Hospital Performance

Do Job Resources have a role in job crafting of hospital staff in Mamuju Regency, at the fourth industrial revolution at Hospital Context: JD-R Theory Perspectives 

Knowledge and Behavior toward Skin Protection Related to Melanoma among Army Raider Infantry Battalion. 

Telemedicine Services Effectiveness in The Era of Pandemic COVID-19: A Systematic Review

Implementation of Strategic Plan in Healthcare Setting: A Systematic Review 

Effect of Patient Reduction during Covid-19 in Jakarta Hospital 

Completeness of Informed Consent Form Filling on Surgery at the Cilandak Marine Hospital 

A Qualitative Study: Perception of Physical Activity lecturers in University

Analysis of Compliance: The Patient Safety Targets Application in Perinatology Room of Sultan Imanuddin Regional Hospital

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership: A Literature Review

The Effect of Service Quality and Trust to Word-of-Mouth Patient’s Parent Mediated by Parents Satisfaction at Outpatient Clinic

Evaluating A Bundle Cares Implementation Prevention of Pre-Operating Stage Area at Public Hospital in Kebumen

Green Choice: An Opportunity to Make A Cost Saving and Improve Healthcare Quality for Hospital Management

Attitude, patient safety, and stakeholders’ efforts to prevent Surgical site infections at PKU Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Hospital 

Identification of a victim in a crime involving violence against a person. 

Developing an effective murder prevention strategy: based on the analysis of the killer’s personality

The concept of mental disorder, which does not exclude sanity in the criminal legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Correlation of the functions of the judiciary in Uzbekistan

 Some considerations about illegal exit from or entry in Republic of Uzbekistan.

The objective side of the crime in the Romana-germanic family of law 

Modern technologies of teaching effective speech-thinking activity as the basis for the formation of language competence 

The Effect of the Passage of Time in Compensation for Arbitrary Divorce (A comparative study)

The need for the comparative approach to some other critical approaches The two books of “Al-Omda” by Ibn Rashiq, and “Al-Mumtia” by Al-Nahshali, between the precedent and the taking” – A comparative study 

Using literary texts to teach reading in a foreign language

China – Yemen relations 1991 – 2014 

European states diplomacy at the Vienna Conference 1814-1815 

Conceptology of language units representing “distance” and “size” in the English and Uzbek languages and their place in the linguistic picture of the world 

Social policy on the organization of employment in Uzbekistan in pandemic conditions 

Internal security threats to Pakistan

The Impact of Tax Incentives and Tax Services during COVID-19 Pandemic on Taxpayers’ Perception and Compliance in Jakarta

Theoretical views on fundamental issues in foreign language teaching

Similarities and dissimilarities of antithesis in English and Karakalpak languages

 Integrated reporting and its impact on the value relevance of accounting information

Advocating the optimal involvement of the Government Agencies towards war on illegal Drugs

Liberalism in the system of international relations and international law.

Effect of training by the proportions of the contribution of biomotor abilities in the indicators of anaerobic capacity and 400m running achievement under 20 years

Effect of exercises on two different floors to develop some physical variables, offensive and defensive skills for handball juniors

Higher Education in Henry Giroux’s Critical Pedagogy: Commitment to political and moral pedagogy

Mathematical model for forecasting freight flows between Ferghana valley and other regions of Uzbekistan

The innovative activity of the teacher 

Interpretation of euphemistic meanings in the explanatory dictionaries of the Uzbek language

Actual problems determined because of the need to improve the content of primary education

Rare and extraordinary abilities in autism spectrum disorder 

Fan legal status and responsibility

Kerbalai manuscripts as a source of scientific movement in Kerbala, a descriptive reading in paradigms

The Role of Universities in Society Service in Extraordinary Unstable Conditions 

Religious Commitment, Shame, Guilt, and Social Interaction Anxiety among Pakistani Gays and Bisexual Men

Iraqi EFL University Students’ Performance of Hypothetical Counterfactuality

The Role of Theatrical Directing in Developing Critical Thinking and Its Educational Implications for Students of College of Arts

Value chain and supply chain management: differences and similarities: an exploratory study

The influence of self-esteem and social support on the psychological adjustment of Saudi Arabian postgraduate students in Malaysia

Degree of Satisfaction in Context of Conservation of Seawater Resources in China and Factors Affecting Satisfaction

The problems associated with accepting criticisms of “the Tale of Genji” from world scholars

Pacta Sunt Servanda principle within Administrative Contracts in Jordanian and Saudi Systems

 The Impact of Accounting Information System on Internal Audit Effectiveness in Companies Listed in Muscat Securities Market

A study on Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) of United Nations Global Compact in practice: A pilot study of selected              B-Schools of Gujarat

Linguocultural features of translation of kinship converse terms

Philosophical problems of the development of aesthetic culture of youth in Uzbek families

Scientific-methodological problems of improvement of psychology in healthy life

Descriptive derivatives are associated with grammar in terms of function (case function as a model)

The reasons for the prohibition of morphology and its association with grammar (feminine as a model)

Legal protection of the right to human dignity. 

The role of tourism in the development of the economy of Uzbekistan and the efficiency of investing in this sector.

Generality and differences between situation problems and case methods 

Repent and Return to God: Pragmatic Behavior of Repentance  in Biblical Texts

A Critical Assessment of Pakistan’s External Security Threats

About methodological forming of somatic phraseological synonyms in the Uzbek language

Linguistic doctrine of Mahmudkhoja Behbudi

Formal organization in leather paintings among the students of the Department of Artistic Education

The Predictive Ability of Type (A) Personality in Career Ambition among gifted students

La volupté de la mort et la recherche de l’infini chez les poètes de la modernité Baudelaire Whitman et as-Sayyāb

The influence of language and cultural difficulties on the psychological adjustment of Saudi Arabian postgraduate students in Malaysia

Development of production technologies for artificial marble products based on aggregates from the Gazgan quarry

Gender equality of Muslim women 

Figurative Language Use in Lucas Hnath’s  Hillary and Clinton

Analysis of health, safety, and welfare measures and their impact on Organizational commitment towards construction companies in Chennai

Technology Adoption of Sharia Mobile Payment: The Role of Perceived Usefulness, Celebrity Endorsers, and Religiosity

Aesthetic Cognitivism of Ad Films on Climate Change

The Regular of Contemporary American Graphic

The history of rashidiy by Muhammad Haydar Mirzo as a historical and literary source

“Women’s literature” in literature and its essence 

The role of primary language in teaching bilinguists foreign language

Al-Baraqi’s curriculum (1332 AH / 1914 AD) and its resources in transcribing the biography of the Prophet, the Kashf al-Asrar manuscript in the children of Khadija from the chosen Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him and his family) as a model.

Legal problems of citizens ‘self-governing bodies in implementing ecological control in Uzbekistan 

Skills and Challenges in Digital Teaching Post-Covid-19: Malaysian and Indonesia Student Experience

The resistance that faced the Russian penetration into the Caucasus during the rule of Tsar Nicholas I (1825-1855)

Problematizing the Postmodern Condition and Situating the Postmodern Tenets in the Twenty-First Century Novel, Em and the big Hoom by Jerry Pinto

Phenomenology and literature: revisiting a viable tool for literary research

A Study on Role of Information Technology in Indian Banking Sector

Manifestations of Dramatic Monologue in Some Selected Poems by Frank Bidart.

Female political discourse in the Albanian parliament in democracy and communism  

The issue of conscience in martin Heidegger’s existential philosophy

Selected Gem Setting Techniques in the Philosophical Design and Production of Boxing Title Belt for Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi, Ghana.

The Relationship between Self-Directed Learning Readiness and Nurse Knowledge of Discharge Planning at X Hospital, Jakarta

The problem of adolescents’ socialization in the scientific literature

An impact of circuit training, ladder training on selected physiological variables among college men hockey players

Negative Emotions, Engagement and Meaningfulness as Corollary to Lockdown: India’s Northeast

Pre root *kar “Black” and its Reflexes in Eurasian Languages

Food security in ASEAN countries: an overview of rice self-sufficiency amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

Overcoming the challenges of international legal regulation in the field of biomedicine and human rights.

Customer-Based Brand Equity within Packaged Milk Industry: The Case of Consumer Behavior  

Developing a Conceptual Model for The Extent of Employees Trend to Benefit from Flexible Working Hours in Light of The Covid-19 Pandemic 

Anthroponyms in Uzbek folk tales: problem with content and frequency 

Improving cost accounting in health facilities.

Realization of color-expressive quality lexemes in phraseology (on the example of German and Uzbek languages)

Educational jobs in Jerusalem “Study through the records of the Jerusalem Shariah Court in the 18th century”

A Historical Look Jordan Syria Israel (1921-1988)

Structural-semantic and functional specifics of abbreviations of legal discourse in teaching foreign languages

Development of pedagogical competence using the communicative approach

ICT competence of teachers in the works of modern domestic and foreign researchers

Diagnostics of the formation of communicative competence of students in teaching mathematics

Development of professional competence of preschool teachers

Issues of education of youth on the ethical basis of international culture and tolerance at the age of globalization

The reasons for the prohibition of morphology and its association with grammar (feminine as a model) 

Descriptive derivatives are associated with grammar in terms of function (case function as a model)

The Direct reflection in the novels of Frankenstein in Baghdad and Lord of the flies: A Comparative Study.

Changing Human Resource (HR) Practices for Effective Management of Businesses during Covid 19: A Quantitative Investigation 

Flora in literature

The effect of using the Classroom educational platform on the achievement of the College of Fine Arts at the University of Diyala in the subject of school theater

School Counsellors’ Knowledge and Training Needs Concerning Gifted Students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Effect of Rich Vocabulary on the Improvement of Iraqi EFLS’ University Expository Writing Proficiency

The Effect of a Position on the Method of Deletion in Nahj Al-Balaghah: A Semantic Grammatical Study 

Aesthetic ideal in poetics 

Linguo cognitive interpretation of business tourism terms in Uzbek and English

University Students’ Performance of Hypothetical Counterfactuality.

Eponymy in English and Uzbek 

Developing student spirituality in extracurricular activities with the hadiths of imam Ismael al-Bukhari.

Factors influencing the manifestation of depression in adolescents

Аssеssmеnt оf thе prоfеssiоnаl suitаbility оf shunting master tаking intо аccоunt physicаl еxеrtiоn

 Problems of artistic psychologism in Karakalpak prose 

Enhancing Writing Skills by Using Corrective Feedback through Social Media Networks.

The Effect of Psychological Empowerment and Organizational Justice on Organizational Commitment in Jordanian Public Sector

The discourse of a public speaker working with a microphone on stage

Bending of prismatic shell supported on rigid diaphragms at the ends

The factors affecting trade in the Republic of Uzbekistan

The use of digital education opportunities in teaching physics in general secondary schools

Angular polarization characteristics of diffusely of diffusely reflected radiation in semi-infinite media and in media with a finite optical thickness

Language and speech realization of the meanings of lexical form in the Uzbek language

Evaluation of john Stuart mill’s utilitarianism: an analytic approach 

Amendments required in the legal and regulatory framework for the introduction of Islamic retail-banking products in Canadian banks

Effect of potting substrates on growth, yield, and quality of strawberry (fragaria×ananassa duch.) cultivars in terrace gardening 

Model For Middle Small Micro Business Empowerment Bri Syariah in Supporting Sustainable Development Goal’s City of Batu – Indonesia

Airport Management to Improve the Quality of Public Services in the Perspective of Good Corporate Governance at Soekarno-Hatta Airport

High prevalence of Dyslipidemia among Type2 DM patients at South India –A Community Cross-Sectional study

The insurance market of the Republic of Uzbekistan: current state, problems, and perspectives

Vietnamese English Teachers’ Views Formative Assessment Management and Suggestions to Improve Student Motivation

Saudi Women Empowerment: Constraints for Participation in Sports and Physical Activities 

Spiritual health in Rumi’s thought

The role of art education in developing students’ thinking skills for sustainable development

Impact of Internal Business Communication on the Effectiveness of Operations Management in Tesco.

Poverty Alleviation Through Financial Inclusion in India: A Case Study of Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojna in Aligarh District of Uttar Pradesh

Analysis of the facts of strategic management

Implementation of SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989: Issues and Challenges

Oversight and accountability. New legitimizing paradigms in government action in Mexico

Impact of Streaming Media on Formation of Schemas about 


Authentic Assessment Facts in Secondary Schools


Regulation of Criminal Legal Relations in Islamic Law 

Management of Root Perforation: A Review

Encoding and decoding algorithms to store Big data into DNA

Awareness and Knowledge of Culture-sensitive Care among Nurses in a Metropolitan Hospital in the United Arab Emirates

Digital Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Information Services at Academic Libraries in Jordan

Comparative and Linguocultural study of lexical doublets of the English and Uzbek languages

The role of pedagogical competence and pedagogical culture in the process of teaching foreign languages

Reflection of analytical folklore in the story “Dunyoning ishlari” (“world affairs”)

Enhancing reading comprehension skills in teaching foreign languages

The importance of teaching culture in higher education

Research on lexical-semantic field of “ear” in different structural languages

Silence is a Pragma linguistic event taking medical Ephemic significance

Classification of medical Euphemisms in the Uzbek language.

Linguistic features of medical euphemisms in the Uzbek language

Motives in medical advertising texts

Methods of teaching exact and natural sciences using computer technologies 

On the role of reading in shaping the spirituality of free citizens 

Forensic DNA profiling in Criminal Investigation: A Comparative Analysis of U.K., U.S.A. And India

Calculation of creation vineyard plantation costs

Iconographic shapes in the work of the potter Noi Volkov

Forensic DNA profiling in Criminal Investigation: A Comparative Analysis of U.K., U.S.A. And India

Understanding Public Participation in Presidential Elections of Afghanistan Since2004.

The Patterns of Mythology Systems in the Poetry of Shathil Taqa

The Historical Novel in the Book of Advice to Kings in the (Umayyad Era) 

Research entitled (Exceptional Naturalization) Prepared by the assistant teacher Ali Salman Saleh Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

The harvested fruits of Andalusia poetry Their trends and nature 

Mechanisms of cash handling in the matter of buying in Islamic banks 

Contemporary deviations of youth in the means of electronic communication and their treatment from a Quranic perspective 

The division of speech among ancient and contemporary grammarians

The role of the administrative judiciary in the protection of human rights from the administrative control authorities 

Reference to the Holy Quran as Evidence of the Theory of Evolution: Compilation and Study

The Degree Of Commitment Of Secondary School Teachers In Irbid Governorate To The Ethics Of The Profession In Light Of The Code Of Professional Conduct

Quality of education-guarantee of development

The application of Gardner’s theory into language teaching

A semantic classification of occasional non-complicated Phraseologic nominations

Linguo-methodic approach to the study of peculiarities of the variatives of deuto-complicated nomination

Conceptualization of possessiveness in the English language

National and cultural features of the terms of applied arts

Features of the organization of integrated lessons in nature studies in primary education

Radio in the context of global information space: peculiarities and functions

The Degree of Applicability of Islamic Social Interaction Among School Principals in Jarash Governorate From the Point of View of Teachers

Metamorphosis as an object of linguistic research

Development of a material and spiritual culture of Central Asian people 

Improving the mechanisms of public control in order to enhance the development of civil society in Uzbekistan

Threats to national spirituality at a new stage of the development of Uzbekistan and mechanisms of their elimination

Problems of feminism and gender equality in the development of society

Opportunities of using socio-political advertisement to increase the political awareness of the population of Uzbekistan

Anatomical terms formed metaphorically – basic Units medical picture of the world

Eponymy in English and Uzbek

The significance and role of political communication in the political system 

Interdisciplinary approach to studying anthropocentric probable’s 

ICT resources in chemistry: impact on the structure of education in Uzbekistan

Enhancing Writing Skills by Using Corrective Feedback through Social Media Networks

The usage of ICT in teaching and studying 

Aristotle’s Logical Doctrine Transformation in Abu Nasr al-Farabi’s Works

A valuable approach to the analysis of the spiritual culture of Uzbekistan.

Research on employee job satisfaction – taking the new generation of enterprise t as an example

The impact of organizational mode on enterprise development-taking Yingcai consulting technology as an example

Research on a group company executive ability of middle managers

A study on improvement of the overall budget management system of BH real estate company at shanghai in China

Research on financial technology to optimize the business development of commercial banks-taking industrial and commercial banks of china as an example

Analysis of the impact of internet finance on commercial banks’ risk-taking-taking m commercial bank as an example

Study on the standardized management of «stall market economic” under the situation of normalized epidemic prevention and control

Methodologies in Legal Research: An introduction to Phenomenology of Law

Prevention of Rheumatic Heart Disease in Thailand: a Postmodern Philosophical Perspective

Problem-Solving in the Law Policy Implementation of Radio Frequency Spectrum in Indonesia

Application of cone-beam computed tomography in the field of endodontics: A literature review

Religious views on capital punishment in India

Research on the development strategy of Huzhou Yifei Media CO., LTD.

Research on the relationship between marketing and culture of state-owned enterprises

Research on the relationship between marketing and culture of state-owned enterprises-take Shenzhen poly group as an example

Analysis on the factors of strategic transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises-taking BH Company as an example

Research on the development model of decoration enterprises based on the internet plus-a case study of company C

The Welfare Measures for Seafarers under Conventions Related to Maritime Labour: With special Emphasis on Repatriation in the Post COVID Era

Maize (Zea mays L.) Development and Production Response, under Soil Moisture Deficiency and Enhancement of Stress Tolerance Using Melatonin

Integration of cultural laws for balancing private commercial exploitation and public interest in intangible cultural heritage food products of the Member States of Southeast Asia: A case study of the food products in Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand.

Terrorism, Dislocation and the Plight of the Girl Child in Two Nollywood Films Uwaoma C. Nwazue 

Enhancing the scope of Fundamental Rights in India: Need and Dissent for First Amendment Act 1951

A Study on Behaviour of Children in Family Purchase Decision for Specific Products

The semantics of installation in the work of Jason Walker’s pottery

The position of Imam al-Husayn (peace be upon him) from Muawiyah

The emergence of mosques and their architecture in Tashkent.

Algorithmic prescription in the context of the choice of teaching methods for students (on the example of learning a foreign language). 

The comparative analysis of conceptual metaphors in English and Uzbek

Cognitive-conceptual basis of studying onomastic phraseological units of the English language

The economic mathematical model for determining the priorities and optimal volumes of investments in the modernization of thermal energy objects

Virtual learning environment: the notion and means of its realization

On the phenomenon of conversion in modern Chinese 

Investigating the factors influencing adoption of M-Banking

The content and educational features of national traditions in the development of Uzbek musical culture

The view of our national spirituality in animation fantastic films. The educational significance of an animation fantastic film

Syntactic analysis: when will the difference between theory and practice end?

Methods of interest pupils to the fine art in the circular study of the general secondary school

Innovation activities and professional development of students

Democracy and eastern features of democratic development

Promoting troubles in the investigation of human trafficking

Characteristics of the interaction and difference between treaty and treaty in civil law

Current issues of formation of information culture in youth

Issues of improving sociolinguistic competence of students of philological faculties of higher education in teaching a foreign language

Peculiarities of construction and investment policy implementation in Uzbekistan

The production program of maintenance and repair of rolling stock of multidiscipline transportation enterprises

Analysis of the structure of the range of silk fabrics for a region with a hot dry climate

Analysis of the report of UNESCO, UNICEF, the World Bank and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development on the results of the “Education Restoration Lessons: A Survey of Education Ministries in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic” 

The history of cultural and historical memories in Uzbekistan  (As an example 60-70 of xx century)

Intercultural communication in teaching students specializing in translation and translation studies

The functionality of demonological vocabulary in Russian literature of the 19th century (based on the works of N. V. Gogol and M.Yu. Lermontov)

Conditions and factors for increasing innovation activity in industrial enterprises

Features of teaching terminology of graphic materials and tools to the students of light industry specialties (on the materials of the English language).

Increasing protection of the rights and interests of youth in Uzbekistan

Communicative competence of an inclusive class teacher: essence, necessity, and methods of development

Contemporary civilization and the person the dialectical relationship of spiritual image

The process of formation of teachers ‘ethics in students and its efficiency

Peculiarities of cooperation in developing international relations in Central Asia

Increasing the competitiveness of the agro-industrial complex and its interdependence with innovative development

Key indicators for evaluating the effectiveness of innovative projects in the agro-industrial complex

Artistic interpretation and linguistic features of the image of the epic singer in the epic “Ollonazar Olchinbek” 

The organizational structure and functional features of the social protection system

New methods of learning a foreign language as a means of stimulation of students’ educational activity 

National economy and macroeconomics: content, differences, types, indicators

Interpretation of human perfection in the tarikаs of mavlavia and nakshbandia (comparative philosophical analysis)

Innovative approaches to increase creative activity in teaching foreign languages in the learning process

The formation of a culture of interethnic communication among students: a methodological analysis

The cognitive semantics of onomastics in the sphere of modern linguistics and literature study.

Digital economy: requirements for developing technological digital environment

Anti-hero:thefocus,inhenrik ibsen’s a doll’s house

Formation of consolidated financial statements on the basis of IFRS in the enterprises of the electric power industry, issues of professional decision-making

The nature and necessity of preparation of financial statements on the basis of IFRS in electric energy enterprises in Uzbekistan

Foreign experiences in effectively investigating an investment in tourism in Uzbekistan

Map Idealization of the relief and its role in studying the structure of system-forming flows of delts Geosystem

Faunistic spectrum of terraneous   mollusks of Uzbekistan and bordering territories

Teaching Statistics to Students in The Teaching of Population Geography

Features of observation of the position of tower structures

Main directions for solving the problem of the Aral Sea and the Aral region

Componential analysis syntactic units on the base of syntactic valence

Distinctive features of english language variants for non-native speakers

The theme of the war of the “lost generation” in western European (American) literature

Fostering tolerance among future primary school teachers through pedagogical communication

The role of stylistic means with “facial expressions” in the manifestation of emotions of personages (based on English and Uzbek novels)

Respect for parents as a divine value in Islamic culture

 Digital economy: requirements for developing technological digital environment.

Some notes on the thematic meta-metric of the national corpus of Uzbek dialects (On the example of dialects using the sound “j” in Boysun district). 

Operation of flexible links in three-layer reinforced concrete panels

Scientific and legal aspects of human health protection from radiation


Increasing mall businesses and private entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan as a factor of reducing unofficial employment

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