Philosophical Readings

Philosophical Readings features articles, discussions, translations, reviews, and bibliographical information on all philosophical disciplines. 

Philosophical Readings is an Open Access journal devoted to the promotion of competent and definitive contributions to philosophical knowledge. Not associated with any school or group, not the organ of any association or institution, it is interested in persistent and resolute inquiries into root questions, regardless of the writer’s affiliation.

The journal welcomes also works that fall into various disciplines: religion, history, literature, law, political science, computer science, economics, and empirical sciences that deal with philosophical problems. 

Philosophical Readings uses a policy of blind review by at least two consultants to evaluate articles accepted for serious consideration. Philosophical Readings promotes special issues on particular topics of special relevance in the philosophical debates. 


Philosophical Readings occasionally has opportunities for Guest Editors for special issues of the journal. No exception: papers will be review by two consultants as policy journal.