Philosophical Readings VI.2 (2014) is out!

Philosophical Readings VI.2 (2014) is out! Table of contents: Maurizio Ferraris – Why Matter Matters; Anna Longo – Speculative Realism and Other Heresies; Richard Davies – What Documents Cannot Do; Roberto Marchesini – Knowledge and Different Levels of Reality ; Leonardo Caffo – The Anthropocentrism of Anti-realism;  Enrico Terrone – Maps of the Shared World. From Descriptive Metaphysics to New Realism; Dario Cecchi – Docu-mentality; Tiziana Andina – The Artistic Disfranchisement of Reality;  Davide Dal Sasso – Exploring Conceptual Art;  Maria Regina Brioschi – Whitehead e il Nuovo Realismo: Per una filosofia del concreto, tra senso comune e scienze; Luca Taddio – New Realism as a Frame of Reference; Interview with Tristan Garcia; Interview with Lee Braver; Interview with Graham Harman. 

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